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A welcome note from the editors

On behalf of the editorial team, I would like to welcome you to the Grimshaw Club´s Bluebird Blog for International Affairs!

We hope that you are enjoying the start of an exciting new academic year and that you can explore the events and opportunities Grimshaw and the LSE has to offer.

We would like to introduce ourselves as the new editorial team, Bluebird´s mission, and the new directions we envision the blog taking in the 2022-23 academic year.

Meet the team

We are three students from different disciplinary backgrounds united by our passion for international affairs and the critical approach the Grimshaw Club takes to fostering debates that highlight prominent issues and underrepresented perspectives.

As your Managing Editor, it is my pleasure to oversee the editorial process and strategic direction this year. Due to studying BSc International Relations and Chinese, I am interested in China relations, the Indo-Pacific, and a history-conscious approach to IR.

My Co-Editors are Rahini Takalkar, a BSc Law student focused on Chinese politics and the Middle East, and Sumru Elden, a BSc Politics and International Relations student, focused on European and Middle-Eastern Politics. They will guide our writers through the writing and publishing process and conduct all in-person events this year.

Bluebird´s mission and our goals for this year

Firstly, we will continue to expand the blog´s mission to make IR scholarship accessible to any interested undergraduate and postgraduate student by providing a platform to publish their work and receive editorial feedback to improve their writing. We explicitly encourage more postgraduates and non-IR students to participate, as we hope to foster interdisciplinary debates and perspectives.

Furthermore, we hope to build upon the achievements made last year by adding new article formats, such as conversations on global issues with academics, journalists, and practitioners, and creating a printed edition of selected articles at the end of the year.

Finally, we hope to build a tighter community of writers through in-person writing workshops and socials on campus.

We look forward to working with you and meeting you at our events!

Malou van Draanen Glismann (Managing Editor)

Rahini Takalkar and Sumru Elden (Co-Editors)

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