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Serbia: Student Delegation

Situated in the middle of the Balkans, Serbia has lived through events such as the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the outbreak of the First World War, Communist rule, the violent breakup of Yugoslavia and NATO’s bombing campaign in 1999. Today it remains a key player in a number of important international issues. This trip has for goal to explore in depth two of these issues: the process of Serbia’s accession bid to the European Union and the ongoing migration crisis in the region.

Trip leaders: Anna Nadibaidze  and Meruyert Syzdykbekova

Estimated dates: 4-9 April, 2016

Estimated cost: £260

Provisional Itinerary:

  • This trip will include meetings with Serbian officials, international organisations, professors and students from the University of Belgrade, as well as professionals dealing directly with refugees and the refugees themselves.

  • Since most organisations are situated in Belgrade, we will spend most of our time in the capital. We will also plan some tourism and will have time to enjoy Serbian nightlife

List of organisations that we will have meetings with:

  • Delegation of the EU to Serbia

  • UNHCR and some professionals dealing directly with refugees

  • UN in Serbia

  • OSCE Mission

  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Parliament and some MPs


  • UK Embassy

If you are interested and would like more information, check out the Facebook group or email the trip leaders (

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