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Cuba: Student Delegation

Cuba is a fascinating Caribbean island under Communist rule. It comprises of multiple ethnicities and its diversity shapes its culture and customs today. The history of Cuba (with a long period of Spanish colonialism, the introduction of African slaves and its relationship with the Soviet Union during the Cold War) is varied and rich. This student delegation endeavours to focus on current diplomatic relations between the US, UK and Cuba, focus on how the domestic sphere is run, learn about the  economic instability in Cuba and also become enriched in the famous Cuban culture.

Trip leaders: Ahmed Aljaryan, Freddie Owen and Jaroslav Ton

Estimated cost: £800

Estimated dates:  29th March – 6/8th April

Provisional itinerary:

Day One:

  • Meeting and Q/A session with UK or US embassy officials focusing on current and historic diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US/UK

Day Two:

  • Meeting with Minster of Finance,Meeting with the Minister of Health

  • Meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Day Three:

  • A presentation from a National or local Newspaper (such as Tribuna de La Habana Rebelde)

Day Four:

  • Q/A session with CARE (a charity working in Cuba since 1995 supporting people through economic instability within the socialist state).

  • Evening function with University and alumni.

Day Five:

  • Meet with World Health Organisation (WHO) representative to discuss their role in Cuba.

Day Six:

  • Morning spent in Old Havana Town and tour of El Capitolio then afternoon trip to the Partagas Cigar Factory.

Day Seven:

  • Visit rum and nickel export factories and discuss with official state of business/commerce in Cuba now and in the future.

Day Eight:

  • Visit Turquino National Park

  • Visit Playa Esmeralda

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