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Grimshaw Symposium 2019

The Changing Face of International Affairs

Welcome to the inaugural Grimshaw Symposium. From the 25th to 29th of November 2019, we are hosting a range of speakers at LSE to talk about how the field of international affairs has been evolving over recent years.

Watch this space as we are revealing our line-up of events and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter by becoming a member!

5 Days

14 Events

10+ Organisations



[S] Andrew Norton.jpg
[S] Dianna Melrose.jpeg
[S] Anthony Finkelsteil.jpg

Dr Andrew Norton
Director of IIED

Dr Anthony Finkelstein CBE

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dianna Melrose

Former Ambassador

Extensive experience on social dimensions of climate change, poverty, gender and human rights in development practice.

Former British ambassador to Cuba 
with lengthy experience in foreign service and NGOs.

Based at the Alan Turing Institute and appointed Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security at HM Government.


Pub Games Social

Monday, 25th of November

Policy and Pastries

Come stuff your face with tasty treats and discuss policy solutions to pestering problems.

Morning Event

11:00 - 12:00

CBG 1.09

Evening Event

18:30 - 20:00

George IV (upstairs)

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