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Established in 1923, the Grimshaw Club has been the beating heart of international affairs at LSE for nearly 100 years. We are proud to be the the oldest and the most well-known LSE society.

Throughout the academic year, we organise engaging academic and social events for our members. We're also one of the few LSE societies to send student delegations abroad to meet with politicians, diplomats and civil society leaders, venturing behind the headlines with real experiences.

Meet Our 2022/23 Committee

The Grimshaw Club is run by a group of dedicated students from international backgrounds seated on both the Executive and General Committees.


Our Blog

This year, we will be actively inviting contributions to our blog from members via our weekly email - both postgraduate and undergraduate, as well as alumni where possible. We hope that members will read and enjoy this content which will be relevant to their studies as well as offering new perspectives on the world around them.

We are based at:
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London, United Kingdom

Contact us online:
Facebook: LSESU Grimshaw Club 
Instagram: @grimshawlse
Twitter: @GrimshawLSE

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