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Evening conversation: The Women of Kashmir

Join us for an evening conversation with Amina Mahmood Mir on The Women of Kashmir on December 2 at 5PM.

Kashmir is one of the most complicated and contentious regions in South Asia. Nuclear-armed neighbours, India and Pakistan have fought over it since 1947. In the process, the voice of the people of the valley has been suppressed and they have been systematically disenfranchised. In the conflict, and efforts for peace-building women are neglected and underrepresented. This event aims to understand the daily struggles of women in the valley in an effort to expand the discourse of international security beyond the military and weapons.

Our guest speaker is Amina Mahmood Mir. Amina is a doctoral researcher at the Centre of Study of Democracy, University of Westminster. Her research project focuses on the right to self-determination and regional politics in the Kashmir conflict. She is also interested in education, diversity, and mental health. She supports initiatives addressing the issues of gender equality and domestic violence in the former state of Jammu and Kashmir. She has been trying to understand the Kashmir conflict for the last ten years. She has travelled, lived and engaged with young people and scholars in both Indian- and Pakistan-administered Jammu & Kashmir.

Note: this is a public event open to anyone interested in this topic!

Register to attend here (access in bio): https://lse.zoom.us/j/86158180110?pwd=MGtubUwxZUxTNU5yYWo4bHJPSmRldz09

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