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Executive committee 22/23

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Jessica Pretorius


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Vandana Venkataraman


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Chloe Mossberg


The executive committee is made up of five elected individuals who have decision-making responsibilities over all aspects of the society, from the organisation of events and trips to finances. They are also responsible for appointing members of and co-ordinating the work of the General Committee.

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Gabor Holtzer

Alfie Purvis


Trips Officer

General committee 22/23

The General Committee is made up of a larger group of students who are appointed by the executive committee to fulfil certain roles within the society. The composition of the General Committee changes throughout the year, so keep an eye out for any positions that might be open!

Speaker Officers

Jamie Ho

Carla Smith

Anna Kenn

Kyle Vanelli

Managing Blog Editor

Outreach Officers

Malou van Draanen Glismaan

Om Nagle

Blog Editors

Sumru Elden

Rahini Takalkar

Sulakshi Ratnayake

Andrew Lymm

Emily Rawlings

Koshiki Chauhan

Alex Iwanejko

Kaviesh Kinger

Sam Lee

Diplomacy Ball Officer

Postgraduate Officers

Zoe Swanwick

Samuel Leduc

First-year Officers

Katie Wynne-Jones

Justin Chan

Louis-Philippe Ouelette

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